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I frequently export field definitions so I can programmatically create them in an update.php function. In Drupal 6, the CCK module came bundled with a Content Copy, but (so far) I have found no similar tool in Drupal 7. Here are the tricks I use to do this in a quick an relatively painless way. More »

Here's a little tip to create a vocabulary programmatically in Drupal 7. More »

A friend of mine asked how to create a link programmatically in Drupal. I do this sort of stuff all the time, because one of the projects I help with requires us to write update scripts for our deployments. Let me outline two ways to do this, one via the Forms API, and the other using menu_link_save. More »

One of my clients asked if there were any good beginner books on learning Drupal 7. Here are several I found... haven't read any of them yet, so I would recommend the one with the best reviews (as of this posting), which I'll post first. More »

The new Toolbar and Shortcut modules in Drupal 7 present a solution which most people had been solving with the Administration Menu module. They are great for non-admins who frequently need access to a handful of admin pages. However, I can't shake the Administration Menu habit—all those nice drop-down menus make site administration a breeze. How do you enable all three modules without making your website look like a browser with two many plugins installed? More »

Ever wonder why Drupal displays "not verified" next to the author name when somebody posts a comment on your site? Ever wondered what it even means? Does it bother you to think that your commenters might take it as a personal offense? "Hey, thanks for posting a comment on my site—you 'not verified' person, you!" More »

Thanks to the excellent Mollom module, allowing anonymous comments on your website is a manageable task. No more spam, and all the benefits of anonymous commenting, such as the low-barrier to involvement. More »