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Here's a little tip to create a vocabulary programmatically in Drupal 7. More »

A friend of mine asked how to create a link programmatically in Drupal. I do this sort of stuff all the time, because one of the projects I help with requires us to write update scripts for our deployments. Let me outline two ways to do this, one via the Forms API, and the other using menu_link_save. More »

One of my clients asked if there were any good beginner books on learning Drupal 7. Here are several I found... haven't read any of them yet, so I would recommend the one with the best reviews (as of this posting), which I'll post first. More »

Today MAMP 1.9.6 was released, but the PHP version is the same as it was on MAMP 1.9.5. That means you can use the same instructions (and the same files) that I wrote for the 1.9.5 version. More »

The new Toolbar and Shortcut modules in Drupal 7 present a solution which most people had been solving with the Administration Menu module. They are great for non-admins who frequently need access to a handful of admin pages. However, I can't shake the Administration Menu habit—all those nice drop-down menus make site administration a breeze. How do you enable all three modules without making your website look like a browser with two many plugins installed? More »

Ever wonder why Drupal displays "not verified" next to the author name when somebody posts a comment on your site? Ever wondered what it even means? Does it bother you to think that your commenters might take it as a personal offense? "Hey, thanks for posting a comment on my site—you 'not verified' person, you!" More »

Thanks to the excellent Mollom module, allowing anonymous comments on your website is a manageable task. No more spam, and all the benefits of anonymous commenting, such as the low-barrier to involvement. More »

Any Drupal developer needing Memcached for local development has probably read Lullabot's famous Setup a Memcached-Enabled MAMP Sandbox Environment. It's a great primer, but if you are using a more recent version of MAMP, you may need newer instructions. More »