Beginner books on Drupal 7

One of my clients asked if there were any good beginner books on learning Drupal 7. Here are several I found... haven't read any of them yet, so I would recommend the one with the best reviews (as of this posting), which I'll post first.


I'm a huge fan of the Visual Quickstart Guides from Peachpit. Haven't read Tom Geller's Drupal 7 book, but I like the style / editing of those books the best.

Packt's books are best enjoyed on a digital device (I love reading through them on my iPad), and the printed editions often seem like they are secondary to the ebooks. Again, though, I haven't read Mercer's book, so I can't say anything about the content... just the form.

I learned Drupal at the feet of Tom Geller through his videos at He's a very good presenter! Though, I haven't read his written tutorials.

i am new to drupal. i want to develop a website in drupal.

A good book for begginner to develop a website on drupal?

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